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This a collection of projects I curated, from the concept development to the execution.


Lately, I am–more than even–into reading, listening and studying. 

Then if you want to get in touch for commissions, I will be more than happy to contribute with creative insights, visual inspirations, or ideas for editorial columns.


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Creativity Report, quarterly column

Contributor Writer

Just Baked is the online in-house magazine published by Bake, creative agency based in Rome. It tells stories about design, visual arts, creativity, music and people.

They invited me to be a Writer Contributor to the magazine. Then I created a quarterly column titled “Creativity Report”: a list of my very latest favorite things, as: top branding trends, projects I love, tools and methods to boost creativity, podcast series. The column also includes interviews I conduct to women in the design field.

And since I’m a creative, I also designed the visuals the column: a set made of four compositions, all inspired by seasonal colors.


#1 article SUMMER issue –
#2 article AUTUMN issue –
#3 article WINTER issue –
#4 article SPRING issue –


INSPIRATIONS from Unwind Studio – Extraordinary Routines – Raissa Pardini
PODCAST by Stack Magazines – Ask us for Ideas – Meet the Creatives
INTERVIEW to Clorophilla – The Ladies Room Collective – Natalia Criado, Pietro Minelli w/ Alone Together

Visual design by @ceciliamellistudio


Host and Curator

Save the date of the latest episodes w/ Ceramiche Paravicini, Ludiary, Pijama.
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The Design Kids is the global community of creative and ultimate online magazine for emerging designers. The aim behind it is to educate, inspire and connect creatives to the design industry.#TDKtuesdays is a monthly series of events born in Australia by an idea of The Design Kids and now globally holded. Run first Tuesday of each month in 44 cities around the world, 495 meet-ups a year. It is a unique chance to connect with the local community, and also be involved into something bigger: a global conversation about design.


In May 2019, I started a collaboration with The Design Kids as the Milanese host and curator of #TDKtuesdays. I decided to organize a monthly series of inspiring talks using the STUDIO VISIT format: events take place in hidden gems of my hometown, the most creative places of my city, as illustrators’s ateliers, creative studios, an tiny labs.

I strongly want the events to be private and exclusive: a unique chance to peer into the “behind the scene” of creative processes, having access to private venues, getting in touch with professionals and being part of a creative community. Plus some chit chat and Prosecco at the end of the talk.

We went visiting: Imille (digital agency), Sailsquare (social travelling), Lucia Emanuela Curzi (fashion illustration), Laboratorio Paravicini (ceramic decoration), Pijama (fashion label).


Pictures from the events available at the link –

© Pic. Leonnbattista Scacchetti –