about me

I am an independent  Art Director and Brand Strategy Consultant, specialized in creation and management of brand identities.

Working as a consultant, I run projects commissioned by direct clients as brands, companies and designers, as well as by advertising and design agencies.


I got a Master’s Degree in Graphic Design at Politecnico di Milano in 2007, and in 2009 I began my career as an independent.

In 2012, I enhanced my expertise with Post Master’s degree courses at School of Visual Arts, in New York.

 “Business Strategy: Defining the Brand” run by David Weisman, from Interbrand, and “Make It Happen: Project Management” run by Gabriela Mirensky, from The One Club.


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I direct and overview the whole project: from the kickoff meeting to the execution of the deliverables, leading a team of people with different tasks and responsibilities. I ensure that the creative strategy and visual executions meet the client’s objectives, still maintaining the brand consistency.


I develop creative ideas and concepts, choosing the appropriate media and style to meet the client’s objectives. I am able to look at the bigger picture for any communication project and I have strong problem solving capabilities to fit client’s needs and wants.


Since 2012, I am the Referring Professor of ‘Editorial Design’ at IED–Istituto Europeo in Milan, a course that I run in english. I collaborate with Domus Academy as Lecturer and Workshop Project Leader. And I also had teaching experiences in Lisbon (Portugal) and Amman (Jordan).
My objective as a teacher is to inspired, to encourage and to mentor junior designers.

what I do

I provide services including concept development, corporate identity, branding, graphic design, magazine and editorial design.

I offer as well creative consultancy services to assist my clients with brand and business development.

My method is made by different project phases: I start with strategic research and analysis, proceed with the creative phase and then I bring together the two previous stages  in designing and making the project happen.


I run across printed and digital media, working globally from my Milan studio.

My work ranges from niche projects developed for small businesses, to large-scale branding projects for industry leaders.



Selected brands and companies I collaborated with:



For any requests about my story or projects to be featured in publications or interviews, just send an email to info@ceciliamelli.com

I will be happy to get involved providing you any content you may need.


The Design Kids
“We chat with Art Director, Brand Strategy Consultant & University professor Cecilia Melli about her fave books, podcasts & blogs”


Vogue Italia

Concept Store: Progetto Nomade + ManInTown

Featuring my collaboration with Man in Town, as Art Director and Brand Strategy in charge of Progetto Nomade visual identity.


IADE – Creative University of Lisboa
“Identity Design”, em parceria com a Domus Academy e a empresa italiana OBOYI”


The meaning of Isolation in times of Coronavirus

by Unwind Studio, on Medium

Featuring my own creativity recipe: “We must use creativity’s huge potential”.


The Freelance Design Handbook. Don’t start work without it

by Cathy Fishel, published by RotoVision Publisher

Featuring a show case of my portfolio and an interview the autohor had with me in Los Angeles, CA.



I’ve been lucky enough to lead workshops and participating to think-tanks, mentoring creatives coming from all over.

I’m always open to new collaborations and teaching experiences about branding, as Brand Design and Brand Strategy.

I share methods, tools, upcoming trends and inspiring best practices that are relevant for the current scenario.


‘IED x Women. Awarness against economic violence’
Workshop Leader at IED–Istituto Europeo di Design
Course: IED Special Project
Client: SVS Donna aiuta Donna Onlus
Duration: 80 hours, 1 month workshop
Language: italian


‘IED x S.Pellegrino’s 120th Anniversary’
Workshop Leader at IED–Istituto Europeo di Design, Milano
Course: IED Special Project
Client: San Pellegrino
Duration: 80 hours, 1 month workshop
Language: italian


‘Branding for the fashion industry’
Lecturer at Domus Academy, Milano
Course: Master in Fashion Design
Client: Melissa
Duration: 2 day lectures
Language: english


‘Domus x Oboy’
Workshop Leader at IADE Universidade Europeia de Lisboa (Portugal)
Course: Master in Visual Brand Design
Client: Oboy
Duration: 80 hours, 1 month workshop
Language: english


‘Branding today: a story of authenticity’
Workshop Leader at DIAMMAN Design Institute of Amman (Jordan)
Duration: 16 hours, 2 day workshop
Language: english


‘Wired. Re-positioning the new bookazine’
Workshop Leader at Domus Academy, Milano
Course: Master in Visual Brand Design
Client: Condé Nast
Duration: 80 hours, 1 month workshop
Language: english


‘Design in the Middle – Beyond physical and mental’
Think-thank workshop, generating alternative near-future scripts and design proposals to address challenges relevant to the Middle East.
Hosted by MAXXI Museum, curated by The School of Redesign
Duration: 35 hours, 5 day workshop


‘P&G. Thank you Mom, global campaign’
Workshop Leader Assistant Domus Academy, Milano
Course: Master in Business Design
Client: Procter & Gamble
Duration: 80 hours, 1 month workshop
Language: english